There is often a misconception that job interviews are a one-way street; in which the candidate is a proverbial deer in the headlights. However, it is important to recognize that interviews are just as important for interviewees to scope out the company they would prospectively work for and identify whether or not it’s an ideal role for them personally and professionally.  

In a recent poll on our LinkedIn, we asked our followers to identify the factors that influence their decision the most when considering a job offer and have come out with 3 of the most influential components: 


Perhaps the least surprising – and most popular – factor that job candidates consider is pay. Whether you are a graduate fresh out of university or closer to the retirement stage, a sufficient salary is a huge motivating factor. After all, we currently live in an economic climate where prices seem to be going up more so than down and it is fundamental that we do not outlive our basic financial needs every month whilst also having just that little extra that goes towards savings. When the ratio between workload and hours compared to salary does not match up, it is an extremely demotivating factor that sees employees burn out and eventually leave a position. At the end of the day, we work to live and afford the lives we uphold so it is important that companies are able to provide staff with a salary that not only helps with staff retention but also ensures that we as employees are financially stable. 

Work Environment 

Whilst a healthy salary is important, it is by no means the be-all and end-all of a successful and happy career. After all, money – while it provides comfort – does not buy happiness and most certainly cannot ensure that a company maintains a healthy work environment; it is the company’s responsibility itself to provide this to staff. Indeed, we spend most of our time at work and so, much of our mental health is inherently reliant on a healthy work environment to keep us functioning not only at a professional level but also personally. Indeed’s Career Guide notes that during an interview, it is important that candidates “watch employees as they work to see if employees look happy and the workplace seems pleasant”. Don’t be afraid to ask questions regarding the company’s work-life balance or workplace safety to see if the company matches what you are looking for. Don’t shy away from looking around the office to see if the physical environment itself is also something you can align with. 

Company Culture 

While it can fall under work environment, our poll noted that company culture was voted third highest in terms of influential factors. Media Bistro defines company culture as “the intrinsic values of your company and the people who work there” with regards to its approach to diversity and inclusion, employee benefits and development. Company culture is about the tone set by the people running the company. If you don’t align with the values of a company, then there is a high chance your productivity will fall, and motivation will cease to exist. You want to work for an organization you personally believe in, not only professionally. 

Now what? 

It is important to remember that you, as a job seeker, are interviewing the company just as much as a company is interviewing you. Hundreds of people take a job without asking the most vital questions and end up looking for other career opportunities just a few months after receiving an offer because something doesn’t feel right. At StaffMatters, we always take you into consideration first before we look to recruit and that is what makes us experts at what we do. So, when you are ready to make that big step, you know where to find us! Contact us today at +357 25341383 or 

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