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  • Short, simple and straight-forward content:
    • personal details and contact information
    • jobs listed with the most recent job first: job title, company name, the period that you were employed, a selection of the duties and responsibilities in bullet points
    • qualifications with the most recent qualification first: qualification title, institute name, the period that you were studying there, a selection of information in bullet points (such as subjects studied and grades obtained)
    • special skills, such as your computer knowledge, languages you speak and your proficiency in them, volunteer work you might have done
  • Do not use any formatting in your CV that will render the information useless when it is converted to plain text. Because that is what happens to your CV when a recruiter or an HR department receives it: they import your CV document into their database where it is turned into plain old text so that their search engines can find it. Test your CV at home by selecting everything, copying and pasting it to Notepad. THIS is what your CV is going to look like on their database system, so make sure that everything does indeed convert correctly.
  • Do not have unexplained gaps in time in your history. Interviewers would like to get a full picture of who you are and what experience you bring with you. Gaps in your history will be noticed and will raise questions.
  • Be honest and accurate.
  • Check the language and punctuation. Check it again. Ask someone else to check it for you. Especially if it is not in your native language. Then check it again. Then check it backwards. And then check it again.

The staff at StaffMatters are experts at CVs because we see hundreds of them daily. We know what works and what misses the mark. We know what our clients would like to see and what wastes their time. If you need any help whatsoever with your CV, you are welcome to ask for our assistance or support at any time – we look forward to helping in any way we can. Contact us at 25341383 or admin@smstaffmatters.com.


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