Contract / Temporary Staff

Temporary Employees (by the hour/day/week/month)
Our Temporary employee solution allows a company to fill a short term staff need in their business. If you need someone to cover the job of a permanent employee that is absent for reasons such as sick leave, maternity leave, holiday leave or any other unforeseen event that leaves you short-staffed, we provide such a temporary staff member for the short period that you need covered.

Contracting Employees
Your company might be in need of employees for specific projects which will not be permanent employment positions, and you require contractors. Or, your company might be looking to recruit an employee but for various reason prefer not to employ them permanently from the start.
We are able to recruit professional contracted employees for any specific projects your company may have, sourced locally in Cyprus and internationally.

Contracting/Temping Employees through StaffMatters
The Temp or Contractor is officially employed by StaffMatters and registered on our payroll, with us taking care of all the relevant liabilities to the employee:
  • LEGAL LIABILITIES: The required applications and registrations to the local authorities (Social Insurance, Tax Office) are done by us.
  • PAYROLL: The processing of the monthly payroll (bank transfer of salary, issue of pay slips, deductions for Social Insurance and PAYE liabilities) is done by us.
  • TIME & ATTENDANCE: Keeping record and processing the exact hours that the Temp or Contractor is working, are done by us. The employee uses an app to sign-in and sign-out of work based on the exact GPS location of the office or site. This nifty piece of technology means that:
    • We can see in real-time if a Temp or Contractor is late or absent and we can act on that information immediately.
    • You as employer will be able to view real-time employee attendance information, accessible and available to you online at any time, from anywhere.
    • The Time & Attendance data is incorporated into our payroll system, ensuring exact, accurate payment for the hours worked.

Contact us
If you have a contracted project or short-term need for which you are looking for candidates, or you wish to meet with a professional Recruitment Consultant to discuss your company’s staffing requirements, please call us today on +357 25341383 or email We look forward to hearing from you.