Employer’s FAQ

How do I register to use your services?

Please get in touch with other either by calling our office on 25341383 or emailing admin@smstaffmatters.com. An expert Recruitment Consultant will immediately discuss what you need exactly and get the ball rolling.

What are your fees?

The fee payable to us is 10% of the annual salary of the candidate where the annual salary is less than 50 000 Euros gross per annum. Where the annual salary is 50 000 Euros gross per annum or more, our fee is up to 15% of the annual salary. This is a once off fee payable per candidate hired. In addition to this you will have a 3 month free replacement guarantee on the hired candidate, should he/she leave your company with the first three months of their employment with you, regardless of the reason for their departure.

When do I pay the fee?

Fees are payable only once a candidate starts to work for you. So there are no fees applicable for receiving CVs or interviewing any of the candidates we have introduced to you. Only if you decide to hire one of our candidates will the above mentioned fee be due. The invoice from us will be issued to you upon the start date of the candidate hired, payable within 14 days from the candidates start date of employment.

What if the candidate leaves?

We provide you with a 3 month free replacement guarantee on all candidates hired through us. So, should a candidate leave your company within the first 3 months of their employment with you, whether they leave on their own or if they are asked to leave by the company, we will recommence the search and offer further suitable candidates at no additional cost to you.

Where can I see the contract?

Please click here to view a copy of our Standard Terms of Business contract that will be the contract entered into between your company and StaffMatters.

Jobseeker’s FAQ

How can I apply for the vacancies advertised on the website?

You can apply either by:

(a) following the “Apply >” link at the bottom of each job description on the jobs listing on our website, or

(b) sending us an email to admin@smstaffmatters.com and telling us the vacancy number(s) of the vacancies for which you would like to apply.

I didn’t see any vacancy that I’m interested in. Can I still send my CV?

Yes, please do. Please send your CV to admin@smstaffmatters.com. Your CV goes into our database system from where our Recruitment Consultants will take your CV into consideration for ANY and ALL vacancies suitable to your profile. Please rest assured that we contact you first and get your permission first before we send your CV to any client.

Must I send my CV to you again if at a later stage I see another vacancy for which I would like to apply?

No, please do not send your CV to us again. Once you have received an email from us confirming that we have placed your details onto our database, your details really are on our database and really are considered for each new vacancy we advertise. Please, send your CV to us again only if you changed something on it.

Once I have registered with StaffMatters, must I apply for each new vacancy in which I am interested?

Yes and No. You do not have to keep on applying for every new vacancy we post on our website, since you are automatically taken into consideration for each new vacancy once you register with us. On the other hand, a quick note from you informing us that you have spotted a vacancy which you want to bring to our attention, we would welcome the heads-ups!!

Can I apply for more than one vacancy? How do I do that?

Yes, you are welcome to apply for as many vacancies as you wish. Our website allows you to add as many jobs as you wish. You are also welcome to send us an email to admin@smstaffmatters.com and simply mention the vacancies in which you are interested and their reference numbers.

What happens after I have applied for a vacancy?

Once we have received your CV and application for a vacancy, our administration team enters your CV into our database system. Our administration team then immediately sends you an email as confirmation that we have indeed received your CV. Your CV is then passed on to the Recruitment Consultant who is dealing with the vacancy for which you applied.

The Consultant compares your CV with the requirements, skills and qualifications as set out by the client for the specific vacancy. If your profile is an exact match with what the client is seeking, the Consultant submits your CV to the client for consideration. The client then selects which of the candidates they wish to interview, and we contact those candidates to arrange the appointment. (Please note that we receive such high volumes of applications that we are able to contact only the successful candidates.)

Can I come in to your offices to discuss something with you?

You are always welcome to discuss your career with one of our dedicated recruitment professionals. Please contact us here at admin@smstaffmatters.com to arrange an appointment.

Do I have to pay anything to StaffMatters? Who pays the recruitment fee?

The recruitment fee is paid by the prospective employer. There is NO fee whatsoever for any jobseeker to use our service.

Will my CV be posted online? Will anyone be able to see my CV?

Absolutely not. Under no circumstances. Never. Your CV comes to us confidentially and that is how it remains. The process is that (a) we first tell you the details of a prospective employer, (b) then (if you agree) we send your CV to such a prospective employer but exclude any of your personal details on that CV (no name, contact details, address), (c) if the employer wishes to meet with you for an interview, we arrange the interview between you and the employer, (d) only then do we tell the employer your name.

Does my CV have to be in a specific format?

Bear in mind that we need to be able to upload your CV into our database system. To enable us to do that, it is preferable for us to get your CV in a simple Word format, and in English. The use of tables and text boxes sometimes prevents all the contents to be uploaded accurately, so you would be better off to leave your CV with as little as possible in the way of formatting. The content of your CV is by far more important than the fonts, colours, borders and tables. Read more about the importance of the format of your CV in this article >>Your CV is spectacular<<


Is there a CV format that I can use?

Click HERE for an example of the perfect CV, detailing all the information we would need and in which format.


Are all the vacancies on the Jobs page accurate and real and available?

Absolutely. We update the jobs page every working day, ensuring that vacancies that had been filled are no longer on the website. It does however very rarely happen that a vacancy is indeed not available any more, but is still on the website. Please read our article >>Contains 100% Real Jobs<< to learn what these vacancies are doing on our site.

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