Recruitment Process

Our clients

First of all, we get to know our clients – what their corporate culture is, what the company’s needs are, who they would need to fill the vacant position, what the exact requirements are for the position, from qualification to level of experience to the ideal personality profile.

Armed with this knowledge, we search our extensive database to create a shortlist of candidates who fit all the requirements.

We contact each candidate on the shortlist to inform them that their CV will be forwarded to a specific company, and we supply them of all the detail of the company and the vacancy.

If our database of candidates does not deliver a perfect match, we apply our advertising know–how to advertise confidentially on the client’s behalf in the best media for the vacancy being advertised.

Only the top candidates’ CVs make it to the client’s desk.

Our Candidates

We acknowledge the receipt of every CV and email received from applicants.  We enter all new CVs into our computerized database and create a new record for each candidate. All correspondence with each candidate is kept on this record, including every time the candidate sends us any update or change to their CV.

We process all new CVs immediately, determining whether a candidate is suitable to the position for which he or she applied.

We also naturally see whether there are perhaps other vacancies for which the candidate would be ideal. 

We keep all CVs on our database. So, if you received confirmation from us via email that your CV has been entered into our database, you need not apply again for any other vacancies in the future - your record will be active and will be taken into consideration for any vacancies suitable to your profile.

We identify those applicants who we would like to meet for a thorough and professional interview. During the interview we not only screen the candidate, but also ensure that the candidate’s CV is complete and determine exactly what the candidate’s experience and qualifications are.  Where necessary, we complete a reference check before putting the candidate forward for an interview with the client.

Should a candidate be considered for a specific vacancy, whether at the time of the candidate’s first contact with us or at any point in the future when other vacancies become available, we will always confirm with the candidate first before sending a CV to a client.

There is no cost for any of our services to the candidate.


Once our client has received our shortlist of CVs, the client will indicate to us which of those candidates they wish to interview.

We liaise between the client and the candidate to arrange the interview, after which we follow up with both the client and the candidate to ensure that both parties have all the information they need to make informed decisions.

If our candidate successfully secures the position, we will not only continue our involvement in confirming the details prior to the start date, but also regularly follow up with both the client and the candidate to keep all communication channels open.

We put the personal in personnel recruitment

As you can see, the success of our service relies on two factors:

Our extraordinary, incredible, state-of-the-art technology which keeps track of everything for us, helps us to organize all our data and correspondence, coordinates our schedules and gives us a professional edge in the market.

But more importantly: our expert consultants. Even though our fancy technology can match candidates with jobs on the database, this is not a function we would ever delegate to a computer. We personally know our candidates and our clients and we therefore personally introduce them to each other.

We are a small company and by choice will remain a small company in order to continue to provide our personal service for which we have become known and respected in the Cyprus market.