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Recruitment and HR Services

What we do at StaffMatters is underpinned by a driving ambition to offer service excellence.

Firstly, we understand that employing a new staff member is one of the best jobs as an employer. For example, it might mean that your business is growing. In addition, someone has maybe left your company and consequently an existing job is available for a new person to come in to make a difference.

That excitement, however, can quickly turn to frustration if the perfect candidate simply never seems to apply for your job. Even though you are inundated with emailed applications and you have conducted countless interviews. We certainly understand how time-consuming and challenging it is for you as an employer to find the right people.

If you have used the StaffMatters Recruitment service before, you will know how we understand exactly which candidates you are looking for. Consequently we send you only relevant CVs of top candidates. You will know that the Consultants at StaffMatters are professionals with a wealth of experience and knowledge. You will know that your recruitment process is handled by a professional recruitment company that will facilitate a successful outcome.

On the other hand, if you have not used the StaffMatters service before, we would like to invite you to put our company to the test. See how we measure up on our promise of service excellence.

In addition, we are also able to offer additional services focused on Human Resource orientated functions such as:

  • Employee Annual Review / Appraisals
  • Immigration Services
  • Application and renewal of Work Permits

In short, if you have a vacancy for which you are looking for candidates, or you wish to meet with a professional Recruitment Consultant to discuss your company’s staffing requirements, please call us today on +357 25341383, or email admin@smstaffmatters.com.


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    Why Choose Us?

    ​StaffMatters brings to you a team of enthusiastic, dedicated and experienced professionals to facilitate the recruitment of permanent and temporary/contract staff for your company. Our obsession with service excellence also extends to outsourced payroll, professionally managed by our qualified and experienced Payroll Department. In addition, StaffMatters offers general HR services (including employee annual appraisals, immigration and work permit services, exclusive time and attendance software, exclusive shift scheduling software, and more).

    Jobseekers trust and rely on the StaffMatters Recruitment Team to facilitate their employment options and career growth.

    StaffMatters are the specialists for all your Recruitment and Human Resource needs in Cyprus.

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