EOR – Employer of Record Services

As an Employer of Record (EOR) service provider, StaffMatters provides you with the ability to create a remote team for your business by hiring employees in Cyprus without having a legally registered entity in the country.

We handle all employee onboarding, record maintenance, payroll processing, tax filing, commissions, health insurance and other employee benefits in an efficient way on behalf of your organization. We have capacity to set up a single employee but also fully staff an entire facility or office with hundreds of employees.

The benefits of using this service for your business are as follows:

Payroll set up

All of the HR activities related to hiring new employees can be very time consuming, however by utilising this EOR service you can rely on and trust us to manage everything on your behalf, thereby saving you a great deal of time that can invested into other parts of your business

No Regulatory Risks

We minimise your exposure to regulatory risks associated with employee and payroll management by ensuring and maintaining updated legal and tax compliance with all labour laws and tax obligations related to the employment of staff.

Immigration Compliance

With a thorough understanding of all the immigration requirements in order to hire and onboard non European (3rd country) nationals that will require a valid Work Permit to legally work in Cyprus, we ensure that the risks related to Immigration Compliance are mitigated.

Cost Saving

Our EOR service eliminates the need for companies to set up physical offices for their operational needs. This translates to significant savings without the investment of setting up offices in Cyprus but still enjoying the benefits of having specialised staff working for you.

Outsourced HR Support

We provide your employees in Cyprus with the daily support for all matters related to their Human Resource needs and being there to assist with the smooth settling in process when arriving in Cyprus, which includes but is not limited to:

Support with their entire relocation to Cyprus that include assistance in the following:

  • Collection at the airport upon arrival
  • Securing accommodation both for short term and long term needs through our network of Real Estate Agents
  • Securing Car Rental or Car Leasing contracts through our various Car Hire companies
  • Registration and enrolment with schools for children
  • Opening up bank accounts with various local banks
  • Set up of contracts with local utility providers including: Electricity, Water Board, Mobile/Internet Providers etc.

StaffMatters will discuss your exact needs and provide you with an exact cost. When you entrust us with your Employer of Record services, we supply you with an upfront all inclusive cost for all of the above services with no hidden costs.

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Why Choose Us?

​StaffMatters brings to you a team of enthusiastic, dedicated and experienced professionals to facilitate the recruitment of permanent and temporary/contract staff for your company. Our obsession with service excellence also extends to outsourced payroll, professionally managed by our qualified and experienced Payroll Department. In addition, StaffMatters offers general HR services (including employee annual appraisals, immigration and work permit services, exclusive time and attendance software, exclusive shift scheduling software, and more).

Jobseekers trust and rely on the StaffMatters Recruitment Team to facilitate their employment options and career growth.

StaffMatters are the specialists for all your Recruitment and Human Resource needs in Cyprus.

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