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Looking for a Temp. / Contracting Position

With the culture of temping very well established in other countries, we had been approached by many of our clients over the years looking for temp staff. Clients might need a temporary employee to cover a maternity leave or other extended leave by one of their permanent staff. Or a client might have a short-term contract that would require staff for a limited period only. Or a staff-member calls in sick on an important day and the client urgently needs a competent, experienced professional to step into that role for that one day.

The changing work-force in Cyprus means that there are job-seekers who prefer more flexibility in their work schedule plus the variety and challenges that TEMPING offers.

If you are looking for a job that will give you the opportunities to learn new skills, or to expand your network in new environments, or to gain more experience, or maybe to improve your CV in certain skills or experience you may need for a future career, or maybe a job as an interim solution until you secure a permanent position, well, then TEMPING is for you!

If this describes you, please take a look at our jobs page under the Temporary Job Type to see the temporary jobs on offer. Please note that TEMP jobs do get filled very quickly, and often before they had even been advertised on our jobs list. The best suggestion, is that you send us your CV with the indication that you are interested in TEMP jobs, for us to be able to consider you for any such opportunities immediately as they become available.

Please send your CV to us on admin@smstaffmatters.com You are always welcome to give us a call, too, on +357 25341383.

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​StaffMatters brings to you a team of enthusiastic, dedicated and experienced professionals to facilitate the recruitment of permanent and temporary/contract staff for your company. Our obsession with service excellence also extends to outsourced payroll, professionally managed by our qualified and experienced Payroll Department. In addition, StaffMatters offers general HR services (including employee annual appraisals, immigration and work permit services, exclusive time and attendance software, exclusive shift scheduling software, and more).

Jobseekers trust and rely on the StaffMatters Recruitment Team to facilitate their employment options and career growth.

StaffMatters are the specialists for all your Recruitment and Human Resource needs in Cyprus.

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