By Daniella Trimmis

Graduating from secondary school is one of the most exhilarating yet daunting moments in anyone’s life, yet there is something exciting about all the possibilities your future can hold. For many, university post-high school is almost as certain as death and taxes. However, in today’s current economic and social climates there has been heavy debate around the efficacy of a university degree in achieving career goals.

As StaffMatters’ resident young person and recent university graduate, I decided to weigh up whether you need a university degree to find your dream job.

It is important to recognize that everyone is on a different path to the next person. Higher education is not the be all and end all to life, let us be completely honest here and there are a plethora of successful businesspeople and entrepreneurs who have attained the success they have today without going to university. Now, large companies are offering fresh high-school graduate apprenticeships with livable starting salaries and there are also popular trades that do not require a university degree. So really, what would be the point?

Similarly, competition right now is intense and fierce, and a university degree does not necessarily guarantee you a job interview let alone a job. The ratio of job applicants to jobs is insurmountable with the Guardian noting that “more than 80 students are competing for every graduate job amid unprecedented demand”.

As someone who has only found their footing a year after graduating from university, there are times when I look back and question if I have made the best decision for myself. But then I consider everything university has given me bar a degree that is transferable to any job and will help guarantee me success.

For starters, for some careers, a university degree is a prerequisite that provides students with the skills, knowledge and experience needed in specific fields. Yet it goes without saying that university also provides you with certain transferable skills that almost any job requires such as time-management and the ability to work under strict pressure and deadlines.

Personally, university also gave me fantastic growth as a human being, and I can honestly say I would not be who I am or have the job I work in today if it was not for the emotional intelligence and maturity I developed at university.

The point of this blog post is not to sway anyone from attending university nor enroll immediately after reading. The intention behind this article is to say that researching every single path you can go down is the best option before making any life-changing decision. Maybe along the way, we, at StaffMatters, can help you find that dream job of yours – university degree or not. Get in touch today at 25341383 and


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