We appreciate that the current global situation with COVID-19 is at the forefront of everyone’s mind and many business and personal decisions being made are to ensure the health and safety of staff, family and loved ones.

Our service to you
For more than 14 years, StaffMatters has focused on providing a highly efficient and personal level of service to each and every one of our clients and candidates and we understand the importance of the role we play in ensuring that our clients are able to constantly grow and develop your internal teams to further support and expand your company’s growth in the market.

Therefore, StaffMatters offers our clients and candidate our commitment to continue providing you with the recruitment services you depend on.

Uninterrupted service
It is our primary focus to continue to support you as we have always done, regardless of the current situation. We have therefore implemented some internal continuity plans such as remote work for our staff, for as long as the situation requires. This will first and foremost ensure the safety and health of our employees but at the same time, it ensures that there will be no changes to the levels of service we provide to you.

Finding solutions for our clients
We would also like to remind you that in addition to the standard recruitment services we offer, we also offer short term temporary employment services, specifically designed to meet the needs of any unplanned or un-scheduled staff absences such as sick leave, maternity leave, etc. So, should your business find itself in a position that it will need cover for any short-, medium- or long-term staff absences, please let us know as we will be glad to discuss our temporary staffing solutions with you.

Is anyone still hiring, even now?
For our candidates who are looking for new opportunities, we can assure you that many of our clients have not halted their recruitment since their need for a new staff member has not changed.

Yes, there are many clients who had informed us that they are placing a hold on new hires until the future becomes clearer, and we will not be sending further applications to those clients, for now. That, however, does not mean that our team here at StaffMatters is not continuing to do the groundwork for those positions. We are still receiving and processing applications, to be ready for our clients when they are ready to continue. So, if you would like to apply for any position, please don’t hesitate but go ahead – we are happy to receive your application!

New job vacancies are still opening-up
There are also clients who are still adding new opportunities and we are actively recruiting for their jobs. We will however not be conducting in-person interviews and neither will our clients, opting instead for online or telephone interviews. So, again, please continue to apply for any positions that are of interest to you, because our clients will be very happy to hear from you!

Our best wishes
And finally, from myself, and the entire StaffMatters Team, we wish you all the best both personally and professionally during these difficult times and please be safe and stay healthy.

Warmest regards,
Tony Papadopoulos