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If you are an employer of any description in Cyprus, be it a small company of three employees that are looking for a new team member, or a large corporation needing a new CFO, you know how time-consuming and often frustrating the recruitment process can be. You can, for example, be doing everything right, spend time honing a perfect job description, advertise your job in all the expected places, interview the best candidates and make the perfect candidate an offer. But the recruitment drive ends up unsuccessful because the candidate turns down your offer.

The market in Cyprus today is candidate-driven, with candidates in short supply in almost every sector of the market: accountants, IT specialists of every description, forex, marketing, administration, sales, the list goes on. As a result, any vacancy in your office is competing with many others and the top candidates can afford to be selective.

Consequently, if you want to attract and retain the top talent in the workforce, you will have to bring your A-game. The team at StaffMatters has the following tips to give your company the advantage over others when you are hoping to hire a top candidate:

  • Remember that the candidate coming for an interview is also interviewing you, with the interviewer as your company’s representative. The acceptance or rejection of a job offer at the end of the process is often decided already on the first day when the candidate meets with the interviewer. Therefore, you should ensure that the interview is conducted in a professional and courteous manner. If possible, give the candidate a tour of the office and not only the inside of the boardroom. Make sure at the end of the interview that not only do you know all you need to know about the candidate, but that the candidate in turn also knows all they need to know about the company and that they like what they see.
  • Don’t disregard the candidate’s stated salary requirement. Candidates do not leave their current employment for a salary that is lower than what they had asked for. Even if you are a great company to work for and you offer great benefits and perks, if you offer a salary that is lower than what the candidate has asked for, your offer is likely to be rejected.
  • Top people do not work for salaries alone. Naturally, the salary you offer needs to be attractive and at the very least what the candidate is looking for. After all, job seekers initially read or ignore a job advert solely based on the salary, and it is understandably a significant factor. But when others in the market offer the same salary, top candidates will look at the other benefits and perks you offer. To see more on this, please see Benefits and Perks: What can you expect in Cyprus.
  • Your company’s reputation is invaluable, especially in Cyprus – it might be a big island, but it is a small market! If you are an employer that has happy staff who feel looked after and appreciated and successful, that reputation will be known in the market, and the top talent will choose to work for you.
  • Do not wait. When you don’t get back to a top candidate quickly, the thought-process a candidate goes through is something like this: “Well, it looks like I won’t get that job, because they haven’t contacted me yet. But that’s okay, it wasn’t THAT great anyway. In fact, it’s probably good news that I didn’t get it!”  When you have identified the successful applicant, do not risk losing him or her at the last hurdle: phone immediately.

As your recruitment partner, StaffMatters will assist in every step of the recruitment drive to help you secure the right candidate for the right job. Our team is highly skilled and experienced in getting you that top employee that you are looking for. Put us to the test today: get in touch with us on +357 25341383 or admin@smstaffmatters.com.


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