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The experts: 
At StaffMatters we are constantly striving to offer the most professional, expert service. It helps that we are all professionals and experts! Our experience and qualifications are predominantly in HR and Recruitment, which is, of course, essential for us to do the job. What makes our team so exceptional, however, is that our recruiters bring to the table a wealth of varied backgrounds and experience: in addition to HR and recruitment, we bring law, management, organisational psychology, insurance, IT, online gaming, telecommunications, executive search in the private banking and wealth management sectors, and more. We bring to you a Recruitment Team with some serious savvy!

The work:

  • Permanent Staff: We offer a recruitment service of the highest standard, combining our extensive recruitment experience with a substantial pool of candidates and specialised technology. If there is a vacancy in your organisation for which you need staff, StaffMatters is the only call you need to make.
  • Temporary / Contract Staff: Do you have a project that requires manpower for a limited time only? Do you have a sudden staff-shortage, such as when a member of your team calls in sick? Or a maternity leave is leaving you short-staffed? You do not need to employ someone in a permanent capacity, necessitating all the legal obligations that go with such an appointment. No, what you need, is for StaffMatters to supply you with Temporary or Contract Staff. We hold a Temporary Worker Agency Licence issued by the Department of Labour, which allows StaffMatters to bring you the solution to short-term staffing needs.
  • HR services: Our services extend beyond recruitment, to the other HR needs of our clients, such as annual review / appraisals of employees, immigration and work permit services, and more.
  • Payroll: Your company’s entire payroll function can be outsourced to StaffMatters.
  • HR Software: We are the exclusive provider of advanced software brand that manages the time and attendance of your staff: Time and Attendance Management System
  • HR Software: We are also the exclusive provider of advanced software brand that makes Shifts Scheduling a breeze.

Finding you work
If you are looking for work, let us help you. If you are registered with us, our CV is at our fingertips for any jobs that are suited to your profile and requirements. We are here to help you with advice and to offer you as many opportunities as possible for you to realise your career dreams.

We are the experts at work and would love for you to put that claim to the test. Get in touch today on +357 25341383 or email admin@smstaffmatters.com.


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