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As the unemployment rate in Cyprus continues to drop, with figures comparable to those of the pre-crisis market, the current job market is very much favoured towards candidates. More job opportunities are available offering candidates more choice, which in turn means that hiring managers and employers are finding it harder to source and attract staff. The IT sector specifically is faced with an insufficient supply of candidates to meet the demand. The last 18 months have seen a sudden growth in this sector in Cyprus, with both new and existing R&D/Software Development companies going through rapid expansion.

Other sectors in which we have seen this trend include Forex, Accounting, Legal, Corporate and Fiduciary companies, which have for many years been the predominant sectors in Cyprus in terms of job opportunities. They too are now faced with the challenge of finding the right employees for their vacancies, due mainly to the limited supply of suitable candidates.

With candidates in high demand and short supply, employers have had to re-evaluate their offerings to candidates, not just in terms of remuneration, but as a package including both monetary and non-monetary benefits.

More companies have turned to StaffMatters in their search for suitable employees, looking for a professional recruitment partner to source the human capital needed for their growth. The scarcity of staff does not need to be the reason why your company can not expand! An established, experienced and professional recruitment partner like StaffMatters means that your company has access to not only the extensive pool of candidates registered with StaffMatters in Cyprus but our reach is into Europe, where we have partner companies from whom we can source any candidate that you need.

Of course, the employment market will change (hopefully always for the better of everyone) and it might mean that the supply of candidates in these sectors can meet the demand soon. Until such time, however, employers can rely on StaffMatters to fill that need. Put us to the test today, call us on 25341383 or email admin@smstaffmatters.com.