29 May 2019, Comments: Comments Off on Why do businesses in Cyprus need temps?

Cyprus’ businesses need temporary workers (“temps”) for all of the reasons that businesses in other countries need temps – illness, maternity leave, vacations, sudden turnover, etc. Workforces are filled with workers who have busy lives and they occasionally need time off.  A business that can offer flexibility to its regular workers helps to foster a positive, supportive culture in which workers want to stay long-term, showing pride in their work and loyalty to their employers. 

Aside from those types of needs, many diverse businesses on this island need temps because the workflow can wax and wane, depending on the season or economic landscape.  Is productivity the same in August as it is at year-end?  Are there times of the year that a business might find itself scrambling, or feel stretched whenever a project comes to completion?

One of the primary benefits of using temps is that they are a scalable, flexible workforce. A company can have as many temps or as few as it needs, and it can use them in the areas that need help that day, week, or month.  Without bringing in temps, any sudden or unplanned absence of staff can place a very heavy burden on the remaining workers – leaving a business with low morale, high turnover, or increased chances of mistakes because tired, burned-out employees are not at their best.  Added to that, there are times that a business only needs someone until the end of a project or product line, and hiring a temp for short-term work makes more sense.

Although many temporary jobs are for general office jobs or labour, there is a very advantageous niche market – getting in a temp with specialised skills.  Many businesses have specialists in for short periods of time to help with project management, financial work, media consultancy, or IT support.  Cyprus businesses can have a whole continent of possible temps without having to hire a worker full time.  Staffing companies such as StaffMatters have all the contacts to bring in the right people for the right job for the right amount of time.

The nightmares of having short-term contracts are gone.  With temporary employees, the administrative responsibilities of having an employee fall squarely on the shoulders of the staffing agency.  They take care of pay slips, register them for tax and social insurance, and deal with compliance issues whenever appropriate.  Great staffing agencies are prompt with billing and payroll cycles, so that both client and temporary worker see results and are eminently satisfied with the arrangement.

Only exclusive staffing agencies like StaffMatters use GPS tracking to verify a temporary employee’s hours – they can see exactly when the temp arrived and departed each day.  This process helps to ensure that temps are prompt and responsible, as deviations are easily tracked and reported.  Experienced temps are used to a changing work environment, are very adaptable, and above all, are professional.

Temporary workers come into this style of work for all kinds of reasons – they like the change of pace, it best fits their lifestyle, or it fits within their other responsibilities.  Some temps enjoy the work because it allows them to add to their work history and puts them in contact with high-quality businesses.  Not only does this help them flesh out their CVs, but it helps them network in fields that interest them.  By standing out in a temporary role, they can be remembered if a permanent position ever becomes available.

By building a relationship with StaffMatters, your business will keep running smoothly in excessively busy times, when workers are on short leaves, and for those unexpected departures that every business experiences.  Using their temps will allow management enough time to consider all longer-term options, including hiring the temp if that worker turns out to the perfect employee. 

Using the same staffing agency helps because the agency can use past feedback to single out good candidates for any future needs, or even the same temp who has worked well in the past.  Businesses can evaluate a temp to make sure that he or she is not only suited to that position but is also capable of carrying out the primary functions of the job – all without having to advertise, recruit, or interview.  Using temps also allows a manager to find out how well that person works within the team and what new perspectives and innovation they can bring to the table.

Cyprus needs temporary workers because so many businesses vary seasonally and filling workforce gaps ensures that the good workers stay and do not worry about job security.  Cyprus needs temps because every business can use specialists from time to time.  Cyprus needs temps because sometimes businesses need help in a hurry and do not have the luxury to find replacements before 9 am the next day.  Above all, Cyprus needs temps because it saves money by keeping productivity high and downtime low.

Contact StaffMatters Job-Express on tempjobs@smstaffmatters.com or +357 25341383 if you would like for your business to benefit from our professional TEMP service.

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