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Ace That Interview

Interviewing is one of the most important steps in the job-seeking process. An interview is generally the first face-to-face between a candidate and potential employer and is a situation where making a strong impression is important. Interview preparation can be important to help a candidate perform at peak. Studying up on interview techniques, looking at an interview sample Q&A and even learning the ropes of salary negotiation beforehand can prove helpful. When candidates perform well in their first meeting with a potential employer, an interview follow-up may be requested. Considering some positions call for multiple interviews, brushing up on techniques can be very important for landing a sought-after position.

You should be cleanly dressed, in office clothes. That can make an interview a lot easier for you, too- if you can find some good clothes that you like to wear; you can feel more comfortable, and you can be sure you look OK.

Being polite
The quick way to talk yourself out of a job is to be rude or unfriendly. Address people properly, and refer to them as ‘Sir’, Mr., Ms., or ‘Ma’am’. That’s important in the professions, too. If someone’s called ‘Doctor’ or ‘Professor’ you must refer to them as ‘Doctor’ or ‘Professor’. It is actually rude not to do that.

Always act natural. The idea is that you show yourself able to handle the situation. Don’t slouch, or get too casual. It’s important that you look like you’re on the job, from the beginning.

Pay attention
You must concentrate on questions, Personality Test before an Interview?? tests, or any other interview situation. If you give the impression you don’t understand, or worse, weren’t listening, it’s fatal. Remember how irritating it is when people don’t pay attention to you, when you’re speaking.

Be punctual
This is critical and an important aspect of job interview etiquette. You can, and you should, arrive on time, because you’re usually given at least a week’s notice of an interview. Always arrive early. It allows you to get oriented, find your way around, and prepare for the interview.

Effective communication
Think about what’s been asked, and what you want to say. You should make sure you’re answering the question properly, and that you understood it correctly. If in doubt about a question, ask for clarification, if necessary, rather than give the wrong answer.

Cell phones
Turn off the phone. There’s no good reason why it should interrupt, and it will infuriate some people if it does. It’s genuinely rude.

Know your job well
It’s important to give an indication of your level of expertise, and knowledge and understanding of your job. This means supplying good quality information when asked about your experience, qualifications, and skills. It is crucial that an employer sees that you do have the competence and abilities required.

Your personal attitude is a job criteria, to someone trying to assess you as an employee. A positive person will appeal, a negative person will repel. Anyone who seems uninterested, or lazy in their answers, isn’t a good candidate.

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