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10 Mistakes to avoid

Many often see their CV content and layout as the main factors that determine whether or not they’re going to get a response from recruitment agencies and prospective employers. They forward one application after the other and each time they don’t get any form of feedback, they lose hope, thinking that they don’t have what it takes. But what they don’t know is that it takes a lot more than just one’s work experience and the layout of their CV to make them stand out from the rest.

What will follow is a list of ten hard-hitting, eye-opening, possible reasons why all those agencies and companies you forwarded your CV through to, never got back to you…Pay attention! 

Cover Letter:
As trivial as this may seem, having a cover letter to accompany your CV makes all the difference. Not only does it make you look professional, it gives prospective employers more insight on you than any CV can. It marks a level of confidence in yourself and also shows that you’ve invested a lot of time in your application, thus telling the company that you’re worth the effort. Whereas a CV on its own says the complete opposite – and that’s enough to put any employer off.

Borders, Pictures and Graphics:
In the recruitment industry, time is everything. As much as we would like to go through every CV, time is never on our side. We work towards strict deadlines by which we should have selected top caliber candidates for our clients. Therefore having to go through unnecessarily decorated pages, with graphics, is not an option. In our opinion, a professional cover letter is enough to grab our attention.

Unnecessary Information:
Still on the subject of avoiding the unnecessary, it is important that one sticks to the relevant information only. Going on about irrelevant details such as high school achievements, roles held in high school and personal hobbies is not advisable. This can ruin your chances even if you have the right professional background. This is unnecessary time consuming info that should be avoided at all times.

A CV without dates is, without a doubt, the quickest way to get your application declined. Not only does it not say much about the amount of experience you have in your field of specialty, it reflects that you have something to hide. Also, make sure all your dates are correct. Inaccurate dates give people the impression that you have fabricated your CV contents – thus worrying your prospective employers.

Elaborate but be brief:
When it comes to preparing a CV, simplicity has always been key – and we totally agree. However, we also emphasize on a bit of elaboration. Expanding on duties held will help shed better light on skills and competencies relevant to the application at hand. A CV with insufficient information leaves people with a lot of questions. The trick, though, is to elaborate yet managing to keep it brief, straight to the point and very interesting.

Unless instructed to do so, avoid sending copies of certificates and diplomas alongside your CV. At job application stage, the only important things are your CV and cover letter. Also having to go through piles of paper before detecting whether or not you’re the right candidate can be annoying to any prospective employer.

Sending the CV repeatedly:
Sending your CV more than once won’t increase your chances. Instead, it will irritate anyone who keeps recieving it, thus spoiling your chances. Therefore to avoid that from happening, it is advisable that you call in to find out if your application has been received. This is the professional and mature thing to do.

Contact Details:
This is always the last (yet most important) piece of information required once a company has established that you meet all the requirements. And as unbelievable as this may sound, a lot of applicants make the mistake of always sending a CV without their contact details. In our line of work this is a mistake made by many, in some instances costing them a lucrative career opportunity.

Avoid repeating yourself in any way. Repetition is always the first sign of confusion or being unsure.

Reasons for leaving:
This always ties up all the loose ends in any CV. Specifying why you left each company you’ve worked for always leaves no room for questions. It also makes you look very professional.

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