StaffMatters is representing leading international Shift Scheduling and Time & Attendance software applications which will ensure substantial financial saving to your company by allowing you to easily and effectively schedule any shifts rotations required within your business and at the same time monitor and manage the time keeping of all your employees.

Shift Scheduling
  • This is a smart yet simple software offering automated shift scheduling solutions for small and large sized business in any industry. The system provides individualized solutions for every company that assists in the planning and managing of shifts while at the same time eliminating shift conflicts and scheduling mistakes, thereby enhancing company productivity and employee fulfillment.
  • The software is automated to provide a shift schedule combining the shift preferences as defined by each employee, in conjunction with the personalized shift rules set by the shift manager.
  • The employee platform is a web application therefore enabling the employees to access the shift schedule 24/7 and all amendments or updates made by management can be viewed through this application at any time.
Time & Attendance
  • The system is a downloadable application that allows you to monitor and track the day to day clock in and clock out times for each of your staff members from an application that can be viewed from your office desk top or mobile device for when you are out of the office. In addition to this real time data of all your staff’s time keeping, the system also ensures that all time and attendance records for each staff member is accurate and correct on a day to day basis, therefore ensuring that the monthly payroll records and ultimately the payment of salaries are accurate and on time.
  • As an employer making use of the StaffMatters Payroll service, we offer this new, market leading Time and Attendance Management System, should you wish to make use of it.
  • This system tracks your employees’ working hours, has a built-in approval system, real-time analytics and a focus on ease of use.
  • You as employer will be able to view real-time employee attendance information, accessible online at any time, from anywhere.
  • StaffMatters offers this system at no additional cost if you use our Payroll service.
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