At StaffMatters Recruitment we have always closely guarded your personal information, treating your data and your right to privacy with respect and care. The new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has set into place new regulations with the aim of further protecting the privacy and rights of all EU citizens.

• In accordance with the GDPR we have amended our Privacy Policy. Please view our updated Privacy Policy here for complete and candid details about how we process and retain your personal data as well as your rights pertaining to your personal data.

• It is important to us that we correctly understand any requests you make regarding your data on our database. To avoid any confusion or misunderstanding, please specifically take note of the section Your Data Status in the Privacy Policy then could we kindly request that you inform us what you would like for us to do with your data


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      ​StaffMatters brings to you a team of enthusiastic, dedicated and experienced professionals to facilitate the recruitment of permanent and temporary/contract staff for your company. Our obsession with service excellence also extends to outsourced payroll, professionally managed by our qualified and experienced Payroll Department. In addition, StaffMatters offers general HR services (including employee annual appraisals, immigration and work permit services, exclusive time and attendance software, exclusive shift scheduling software, and more).

      Jobseekers trust and rely on the StaffMatters Recruitment Team to facilitate their employment options and career growth.

      StaffMatters are the specialists for all your Recruitment and Human Resource needs in Cyprus.

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