Summer in Cyprus: Perfect weather for a new job

30 July 2015, Comments: Comments Off on Summer in Cyprus: Perfect weather for a new job

The streets are noticeably quieter, everything and everyone moves at a slower pace, the cicadas are screeching, every beach on the island is full of lazy bodies relaxing or swimming … that is summer in Cyprus. It is easy to think that in the summer months nothing happens in Cyprus and that you should not waste your time looking for a new job until September, right?

Not so, says our Recruitment Team here at StaffMatters.

There are many reasons why the summer months are an even better time for you to pursue a new career:

  • * Employers’ recruitment needs do not change when it’s hot and their vacancies are still there
  • * You might be up against less competition for that job, because your competitors are some of those lazy bodies on the beach
  • * Employers’ offices are quieter, giving them the perfect chance to conduct interviews and make their decisions quicker
  • * Both yours and your prospective employer’s schedules are quieter and finding a mutually convenient interview appointment is effortless

It is true that one or all of the decision-makers in the recruitment process might not be available in the holiday months, and this might mean that you would have to be a little more patient for a final decision to be made, but if you use your summer wisely you could have your foot in the door already by the time other candidates are still washing the sand of theirs.

So, before you head off to the water or the cooler mountains today, take a quick look here at all the vacancies that are available right now, the soaring temperatures notwithstanding, and start the journey to your new career.

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