Corporate Race

19 August 2014, Comments: Comments Off on Corporate Race

On Sunday 16 March the StaffMatters team will be participating in the 5km Corporate Race in Limassol and we are wondering if we’ll be seeing you there? Our team will consist of 9 lazybones and 1 marathoner, so don’t be looking for us amongst the winners. In the complete absence of any physical preparation, we have opted for mental preparation instead. We tell ourselves that "Endorphins: Runners' drug of choice" and "Running is my happy hour" and "My sport is your sport's punishment" and "I run like a girl…try to keep up".
This of course does not even remotely resemble real life. This is probably a more likely scenario: the StaffMatters office is a busy place and the StaffMatters team is always so hard at work, that we don’t often get a chance to take a break and have fun together. The 5km Corporate Race will therefore probably see the StaffMatters team right at the back, having a good old chin-wag.

So, please give us a shout when you see us on race day!